Thorne’s Old-fashioned Homepage

(just like your mom used to make)

About me…

Hi — I’m Evans Hawthorne Winner, I’m 47 years old, and I like stuff. I used to be a rock climber in Boulder, later a scuba diver in Seattle; I studied music composition seriously at university for several years; later studied literature and philosophy in New Mexico and even graduated summa (gasp!).

I’m back in Colorado now, and like most such people, I ended up as an IT guy.

About my family…

My wife Kim is way more interesting than me. She is a computational biologist turned data curator. My son Taavi is also way more interesting than me. He is five years old and likes dinosaurs.

About my work…

I have the somewhat ambitiously named “portfolio” of miscellaneous nerdy things I’ve done; a boring resume, the obligatory Github page, and a LinkedIn, and heck, even a vCard. Additionally, I’ve links to some writing (and maybe soon other things) that I did before I became a family guy with a mortgage and all that.

But that’s all in the past: Now I’m an aspiring process improvement analyst / consultant and stand-up philosopher.